Four Day Weekend

This weekend I have four days off. Hooray! However I have stuff to do three of the four days! Boo!! Today I have nothing planned but sitting at home with my dogs. Also probably some laundry and house work but it’s my lazy day so I’m not going to crazy with it. Jax continues to decline as I’ve known he would. It is so difficult for me to tell when it’s time to let go. Everyone has said “you’ll know.” But I am so worried about it. I don’t want to keep him here longer than I should out of my own selfish need to have him with me. I did speak with the vet and he said wait and watch. He also said I would just know. The vet also said Jax isn’t in any pain. Just tired. I’m very thankful for that and it makes me feel better as I try to make this difficult decision. Jax has been throwing up more and become more lethargic. I have had to pick him up to put him on the bed as he is too tired to jump. He still jumps down from the bed and up and down on the couch. Sometimes I have to lift him to a standing position to get him to go outside. He is breaking my heart. I am still waiting and watching but I know his time is very limited. That’s all for today. Here’s a few pictures of everybody on this lazy Sunday:


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