How I Got Jax

Jax has been in my life almost four years now! He’s still on the decline but doing ok. Also his breath literally smells like death. I don’t care I’ll smell it 24/7 to be with my baby. So anyway I said I’d tell the story of how he came into my life so here goes:

I was in college and would sometimes walk dogs at my local humane society as part of my volunteer work for a student organization I was in. I’ve always loved dogs and had one growing up. My mom strongly encouraged me to wait til I was out of school and financially stable before getting a dog. However, I’d been chomping at the bit to get one for awhile. Obviously walking dogs at humane didn’t help. My apartment at the time was no dogs allowed but my boyfriend at the time ‘s apartment was dog friendly (even big dogs and all breeds hooray). So I convinced him that we needed a dog that would live with him. The costs and care of the dog would be split between us. So we went to humane society and I had my eye on a certain dog. My boyfriend completely dismissed that dog and went right to Jax. I had overlooked Jax entirely! Hadn’t even walked him or noticed him there that day. He’d had diarrhea in his cage and I thought “why does he want that one?” (What a big idiotic jerk I was!). Little did I know Jax entering my life would be the best thing to ever happen to me. We walked him around and decided to take him home. I hung out at the bf’s place a lot to be with Jax. We found out he was sick cuz I noticed he sucked down water like no other. Eventually we broke up amicably and I found a house to rent that was dog friendly without weight restrictions. Next to impossible btw. One place even wanted a thing from my vet saying there was no way my dog had any pit in him (who could even say that about any dog?? You never know!!). I asked the ex if I could take Jax and he agreed. He also helped me out with letting Jax out while I was at work and also letting the other dogs out after I got them. This only ended pretty recently with me moving and us both having job changes. I am forever grateful to Ryan that he gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever had. I love all my dogs but Jax has a special place in my heart. He was my first dog out on my own (without parents and for whom I was solely responsible except for at the beginning with the bf). He has been with me through so much and helped me through many tough times. He sleeps with me every night and cuddles with me always. I can’t believe I almost passed him up at humane like a big dumb idiot. Also at the very beginning, he was a very stressful addition. I’ll make a post about that later. He had severe separation anxiety. I’m so glad we pushed through that and were able to uncover the wonderful dog he is. He was like having a newborn at first! I think that’s all for today! Here’s some pics of him enjoying sunbathing today 😊


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