Busy busy

I haven’t been posting as much cuz I’ve been working! All the time! I need the money so it’s a good thing but I wouldn’t have minded staying home with the dogs! Jax is steadily declining in subtle ways that seem big to me. Sometimes losing balance a little when getting on the bed. He peed by the door while I was at work 😭. He just looks like he is in decay to me. His teeth are in bad shape, his muzzle seems discolored, he has a few scrapes where he got into it with Daisy. I can just see the end coming and I hate it. I am doing everything I possibly can for him but I know it probably won’t be much longer. He’s been in my life nearly four years yet I find it impossible to imagine a life without him. What did I do before we found each other? I think later I will make a post about how we came into each other’s lives so look for that. Here’s some pictures!


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