Transport Day

Today was the day Daisy left for NY! Hooray! I hope she gets a new home quick. Here are some pics of me dropping her off at the transport truck:

She did so great getting on the truck! Wasn’t even scared of the big ramp! She was eager to get on actually. Kept trying to pull me up quicker. There was only one moment when I passed the leash to the transport guy and she gave me a panicked look like “oh no you aren’t coming??” I said come on and moved forward and she went with him. I can’t believe that was my final moment with her. I’m just now feeling it tonight. I had work last night and work today and my emotions are shot anyway so now I’m relaxing and feeling all the things. I want her to be adopted so bad. I was relieved that she left because Jax needs me more than ever. But it is bittersweet. I was hoping Jax would pep up a bit after she left (and I guess he still could) but it hasn’t happened yet. The weight of his sickness and impending death is hitting me like a ton of bricks tonight. He did so good with his fluids tonight and laid in my lap while we did them.

He normally always lays by my legs when we are lounging but the last couple of mornings he has come up and laid by my chest and put his head across me. I think he knows I need the closeness. I live for those moments now because I know they will soon be gone. I am physically and emotionally exhausted. Keep thinking it’s later in the week. I think I will go to bed and snuggle with Jax. Ready for some time off work to spend with him.


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