My day with the dogs

I got off work early today and yesterday! I was glad for the time off but won’t be too thrilled when the paycheck comes. It has given me more time to spend with the dogs though and that’s always nice. I’ve been having to keep my foster and my dogs separate since she had surgery and one of my dogs is sometimes difficult to get along with. It’s definitely been a challenge but we are managing. Today I let my dogs run around outside and napped on the couch with Daisy. After we napped I tried to get her to come off the couch and go outside and this is the look she gave me:



She cracks me up. Tomorrow she gets her health certification and Wednesday is transport time! I have such mixed feelings. I will be relieved because having to keep the dogs separate is challenging. But I’ll miss her. Jax’s new thing is to open the back door to come in (it doesn’t always catch well so it can be pushed open). Today he did it and I gave him a funny look and said “what are you doing?” He looked like “oops I wasn’t supposed to do that” and was walking all hunkered down. It was hilarious I wish I’d had the camera out! Here’s a picture of him outside sitting pretty by the door:


Well I think that’s all for today!


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