First Blog Post

I am new to this whole blogging thing so you’ll have to be patient with me! My main drive for starting this blog was that last week I got my first foster dog! I have always loved dogs and already have three of my own. I also volunteer at my local spay/neuter clinic. I’ve been wanting to foster dogs for a long time, but I’ve been hesitant because one of my personal dogs is chronically ill. I’ll write a blog on that another day. I finally decided to just go for it and got my Daisy. I ended up with a couple stories and funny moments and didn’t really have a place to  share them. I figured since I’ve taken this plunge I will have plenty to share and my readers can enjoy these moments with me! I think if I try to share all that has happened up to this point in my fostering journey this post will be long and congested. So I will just start sharing from here on out. I hope you enjoy this journey with me!


PS: Attached are some pictures of my foster, Daisy.



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